Plastherm; Plastherm is one of the leading companies in its sector that produces PPRC pipes and fittings, PVC pipes and fittings. Since its establishment in 1992, Plastherm has adopted the principle of not compromising on quality in all stages from the production of the products to the final consumer, and has more than 350 product types.

Our goal

Plastherm aims to offer its production to its dealers in the fastest and most competitive conditions with the highest quality, continuously and completely.

In this context, Plastherm aims to increase its high production capacity with new investments, taking into account the increasing demands.
Plastherm takes firm steps forward in all its businesses in line with the most cost-effective, high-quality, reliable products and customer satisfaction principles in accordance with the European Union norms.
Plastherm, whose priority is not to increase the profitability of the company, but to increase employment, continues to serve its customers without sacrificing quality and its honest marketing approach in the light of long years of experience.

Facility and Product Diversity

Plastherm has PVC waste water pipes and fittings, PPRC pipes and fittings, PEX floor heating pipes and fittings with PLS Black and Galvanized Fittings in its production facilities with a closed area of 50 thousand square meters in Istanbul Hadımköy and 10 thousand square meters in Silivri Kınalı. It produces and markets PVC profile door and window profiles.
Plastherm, which has a large machine park with a capacity of 50 thousand tons, realizes the production of many products at the same time in its high-tech modern facilities with an effective planning.

Export and Overseas Operations

Plastherm exports to 60 different countries in 5 continents with the brands Alfatherm, GreenPipes, Supratherm and Gr therm. In this way, Plastherm is doing its part to help our country reach the prestigious position it deserves in international markets.
Plastherm also serves Uzbekistan, Russia the surrounding countries with its Plastherm Technology factory in sister countries Uzbekistan and Russia.

Quality and Environmental Awareness

Working with expert and strong R & D departments, Plastherm performs all tests that determine superior quality, including raw material analysis, welding, resistance, impact, pressure, tensile and tensile strength, in one of the most advanced test and analysis laboratories in the industry.
Plastherm, which makes new and quality product development studies continously, attaches importance to the compliance of each product it produces to human, environment and health standards.
Plastherm, which manufactures using the best raw materials in the world with all quality control tests, offers its products to the service of its customers after obtaining quality approval.
Having international ISO 9001, TSE, DVGW, SKZ, TZW, PCT, CSTB and GOST quality certificates, Plastherm has ISO 14000 environmental management system certificate and an EIA report from the Ministry of Environment and Health.

Our Dealers

With more than 200 dealers spread throughout Turkey, Plastherm delivers quality and comfort to buildings and people in all regions of our country.